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That Zerowaste Starter Kit
That Zerowaste Starter Kit

That Zerowaste Starter Kit

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The Zerowaste Starter Kit contains all you need to make your shower waste free for the next three months. The kit contains 3 soap bars selected for you from what we have available at the time. A solid shampoo and conditioner bar set and a pack of re-useable face wipes plus two gift sizes bars to give to friends or great to travel with. You will also get a printed card with ten top Zerowaste tips to help you on your journey. The kit comes packaged in all totally compostable materials so absolutely no waste here! Your ‘zerowaste’ Journey starts here. 

Kit contains: 3 x 120g Soap Bars

1 x Shampoo Bar 90g

1 x Conditioner Bar 60g

1 x Pack Hand Crochet organic cotton re-useable face wipes

2 x Guest size soap bars approx 20g each

Materials: Compostable card