Service Price  Details
France Standard Delivery Tracked

4e up to 500g

5.60e 500g - 1kg

8.60e 1kg - 3kg

12.60 3kg - 5kg


Dispatched within three working days
UK Delivery

4e up to 1kg

6e 1kg - 2kg

17e 2kg - 5kg

All UK orders are dispatched using Royal Mail. All Uk orders will be dispatched on a Monday morning first class for orders made the week prior with a cutoff deadline of 6pm Saturday evening. All orders placed after the 6pm Saturday deadline will go out the following week. This method of postage helps to keep the postage cost to the UK down and is invariably faster than standard international post from France (5 to 7 working days)
Rest of Europe

10e 0 - 1kg

17e 1kg - 5kg

20e 5kg - 10kg

All orders dispatched in three working days. Delivery between 4- 7 working days.