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Soap Loaves

Want to sell my soap in your shop* or just buy in bulk to give as gifts, for you hotel, gite or chambre d'hote or just for yourself? You can choose from any of my soaps!

Basically, it works like this:  I make the soap for you here in my workshop and when it arrives to you — you simply have to cut the loaves into bars, allow them time to dry and cure (approx 4 weeks) then put on your own label (or not)and away you go!

My handmade soaps are made in 1 kg loaves (approx) so you can cut the loaves into any weight and size that you like. You will be supplied with a full ingredients list Please allow one week for delivery. 

*Please note: If you want to sell my soaps in your shop with your own labels you will need to supply me with clear photographs of your labeling. This is so I can log your labeled soap on to the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal to conform with EU regulations on 'white label' goods.  There is no extra charge for this. Alternatively you can message me for a full list of my wholesale rates. 

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