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100% Hemp Tawashi
100% Hemp Tawashi

100% Hemp Tawashi

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These Tawashi sponges are made from 100% hemp and are perfect for exfoliating. They can be used as a pre shower gentle exfoliating alternative to a dry body brush. 

A regular dry scrub using a body brush or hemp tawashi over thighs and bum is proven to do more good than the myriad of fancy lotions and potions on the market. Dry brushing can energize the body, increase circulation and blood flow and stimulate drainage from the lymphatic system which in turn will smooth the skins surface. It will sweep away flakes and dry patches and even out lumps and bumps including cellulite. Buy together with a Salt Soap Pebble and get 10% OFF your Tawashi!


Directions: the best time to brush is before your shower working from your feet upwards. Always brush in the direction of your heart. Pay attention to problem area such as your thighs and bum and areas where you see cellulite. Here you should work in a circular upward motion. Don’t press too hard it’s not necessary just gently sweeping movements. Don’t forget to clean your brush/tawashi by rubbing it gently with a towel. Don’t use water as this is likely to harbour  bacteria so keep it dry.


 100% Hemp

Approximate diameter 12cm

Hand Crocheted