Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bars. All you need to know.

Hopefully you are reading this because you have already bought or are thinking of buying a shampoo and conditioner bar! Thanks for that and I hope you love using them as much as we love making them!

Shampoo bars, conditioning all natural shampoo in a solid bar, clean hair naturally with no synthetic preservatives or detergents (yuk!).  They are super rich with loads of fluffy lather. Natural ingredients gently clean the hair and scalp without stripping away natural protective oils. Botanicals and pure essential oils are used to leave hair soft, shiny, clean, and most of all healthy. Although they may seem new to many, solid shampoos were commonly used before liquid detergent shampoos and became popular in the 1940s. So all those beautifully coiffed screen sirens of the 30s and 40s weren't using detergent type shampoos in plastic bottles they were using bar shampoo! If you are not used to a solid shampoo bar the concept may sound a bit strange, but they are WONDERFUL! Super rich with loads of fluffy lather, our natural shampoo bars are made in small batches using recipes developed to naturally clean and condition your scalp and leave hair soft, shiny, clean, and most of all healthy. 

Conditioner bars, solid conditioner bars made using only 100% natural ingredients, have been blended with various natural oils including lime and orange essential oils, cocoa butter and argan oil. All important natural ingredients hand picked for their hair nourishing and hydrating properties. Solid conditioner bars are extremely economical and will last for a long time, as you will only need a small amount for each use!

Five reasons to swap to solid shampoo and conditioner:

For the environment: Shampoo and conditioner bars help decrease our environmental impact by getting rid of nasty plastic bottles. Eliminating products made from synthetic ingredients also helps to decrease groundwater contamination. Everything we send down the drain can end up in local waterways. 

They are great for travelling! No more getting stopped in the airport because you are over your liquid limit and worst of all? Your shampoo bottle splits in the suitcase and has leaked all over your favourite party dress! Arrrgh! Not with solid bars!

They last ages! Most shampoos are 80% water and conditioners are even more. My bars are super concentrated so a little goes a long way. For example you can get up to 60 washes with our full size conditioner bars! That also means less trips to the store! Bonus!

Cruelty free and natural: This is very important to us.Many traditional bottled shampoos are filled with preservatives and chemicals that can strip hair of its natural oils and leave your scalp feeling dry. Our bars contain essential oils and natural ingredients and are cruelty free. Another plus? Our shampoo bars are free of palm oil, an ingredient linked to deforestation and habitat degradation. 

By using natural, handmade products you are likely supporting a small business. Small businesses are important to the economic and social fabric of our society and we all play a part in their survival. By shopping small you are supporting a dream and that's really cool!


How Do I Use a Shampoo and conditioner Bar?

There are many ways to use a shampoo bar and what works for one person, may not work for another. You may want to try several methods to see which one works best for you.

Technique #1: Use The Bar Directly On Your Hair (this is my preferred method)Begin with thoroughly wet hair. Gently rub the wet shampoo bar directly onto your hair from scalp to ends in a combing motion. Cover each section of your hair. Gently massage scalp and hair, adding more water as needed, until good lather forms. To prevent tangles, be sure to always work from the top down, don't pile your hair on your head and use your fingers like a comb, not a mixer. With this method, it is very important that you really build up a good lather on your head so there are no patches of soap left on your hair. Rinse, rinse, rinse! Repeat. There's always more lather on the second wash!

Technique #2: Create The Lather in Your Hands.Begin with thoroughly wet hair. Rub the wet shampoo bar between your wet hands to create a nice lather.Using your fingers like a comb, smooth the lather along your hair. Gently massage it into the scalp and hair, as you would with a bottled shampoo. Work up a good lather,Rinse, rinse, rinse! Repeat

Follow with the conditioner bar if needed although not everybody needs a conditioner. The two techniques for using the conditioner bar are pretty much the same as the shampoo bar. Rub bar directly on the scalp and through the hair or rub bar through your hands and then through your hair. It is important to say that there is no lather with the conditioner bar. I leave the conditioner on while I shower and then rinse off! Et Voila! You are good to go!

Remember: keep you bars dry and out of water between washes and they will last much longer. A good soap dish with drainage holes works well for this.

Tips for adjusting to a shampoo bar

The most common email I receive from new shampoo users goes like this...
"I just love the idea of using an all natural shampoo, but my hair feels funny!"

Although we have many customers who have no adjustment problems at all, weird or funny feeling hair is not an uncommon issue, even after several weeks of use.

The transition period can range from a few days to a few weeks or even a month. It really depends on how damaged your hair is, how much residue and build-up is present and some has to do with your genetics.

When you first begin, your hair or scalp may become oily or dry or even switch between the two extremes. You may have increased tangles or frizz and the hair shafts may feel weird or waxy.

This is your hair, which has been addicted to chemical-laden shampoo, literally freaking out, going through withdrawal, and learning to live a chemical-free life. It's not easy!

It will go away! It may take some patience, but if you can persevere, your reward will be healthy, soft and silky hair.

There isn't one common thread among people who have adjustment issues, but there are some common reasons your hair may feel different as you bring your hair back to its natural, healthy state.